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Company Overview

Yixue Trading Co., Ltd. is located at No. 1729 Dongshi Street, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It has 12 factories all over the country and produces 12 million tons per year. Is a very powerful factory "Snow" corporate culture is a cultural system that has emerged during the development of "Snow" for more than 20 years. Its core is innovation. The universal recognition and active participation of employees is its greatest feature. The "Snow" corporate culture is constantly updated and developed along with the company from small to large, from big to strong, from domestic to foreign. At present, the goal of "Snow" is "Creating a world famous brand and building a first-class enterprise". This goal perfectly combines the development of "Snow" with the personal value pursuit of employees. Every "Snow" employee will be in "Snow" "In the development, fully realize personal values ​​and dreams. "There is no best, only better," and the better goal is "snow" as always. In the 20 years of entrepreneurship, "Snow" is entering a new stage of strategic development - the stage of international diversified brand strategy. In the face of the new direction of global competition, "Snow" will continue to innovate and enhance itself and meet new challenges. First decade Hard work, perseverance When you say it must be done, you must do it well. From 1992 to 2001, "Snow" started a decade of business, from small to large, determined to make the sewing thread the largest in Asia. Starting from a small factory with only 50 or 60 people, all "snower" carries forward the spirit of "hard work, perseverance" and adhering to the creed of "quality first, customer first", not afraid of being tired and keeping promises to serve customers. And to meet customer needs for the company's focus. Second decade Strive for excellence Steady and steady, one step at a time. From 2002 to 2011, the "snow" that has made great progress in the domestic market began to take a diversified development path. Innovative innovation in the development of new products, multi-special and multi-model embroidery thread entered the international market. With the "snow" characteristics of the enterprise spirit - excellence, the pursuit of excellence, become "snower" to challenge themselves, based on the future of the power. During this period, the work style of Sakura got the most common recognition in the enterprise, and “stable and steady, one step at a time” was implemented in the actual actions of each employee. In the face of unfavorable factors such as technology and talents, Sakura can still take “pursuit of excellence” as its driving force, vigorously promote technological transformation, and successfully realize product transformation and upgrading, and create new achievements. Third decade Be brave to open up, surpass yourself Focus on people-oriented, and strive to be faster and better. "Snow" is the goal of creating a world-famous brand. It requires all employees to have this common wish and let this goal be integrated into the work of every employee. The new enterprise spirit of "Snow" - "Developing and surpassing self" has become another new impetus for the development of "Snow" in the next decade. Under the guidance of the higher goal of “Creating World Famous Brands”, “people-oriented, faster and better” has become the latest expression of the “snower” work style. "People-oriented" is the business purpose, "faster and better" is the goal of the work, the company always creates a good atmosphere, so that each employee's creative potential can be best played. Compared with the top international companies, the current "snow" does not have the resource advantage, but under the banner of innovation, "snow" can continuously surpass itself, integrate existing resources, and achieve complementary advantages of various resources. Everything is used to the best of its talents, so that people can further create “resources” and, under the innovative thinking, strive to open up a new world of “snower”.

Company Information

Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
Company Pujiang Yongshun Garment Factory
Main Products tattoo gun, tattoo grip
Established Year 1992
City / State Jinhua , Zhejiang
Country China
Address No. 1729 Dongshi Street, Wucheng District

Factory Information

Location Jinhua City
Factory Size
Total QC Staff
Total RND Staff
Number of Production Lines
Annual output
Average Lead Time

Trading Information

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Export Percentage
Nearest Port
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